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Monotypes : Printmaking

We were exposed to a bit of printmaking in Art college in order for the students to decide on their 3rd year specializations. I managed to try Etching, Intaglio and Lithography and missed out on Silk Screen printing.

Soon after I got myself a copy of Judy Martin's The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques with plans of exploring further. But until I stumbled across Belinda del Pesco's site and write-up on monotypes, printmaking had got shelved for other art priorities. Printing supplies did not seem to be available and so I put in a request for Lino boards assuming that these would be to easier to locate. Well, I havent been successful as yet!

The last couple of weeks I've been surfing furiously and through a post on wetcanvas (i think!) came to this Smithsonian's resource on Monotypes. There are 12 short video clips explaining what they are, how they are made, the difference between these and monoprints and there is a gallery of work on display. I'm puttin…