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Build your own easel

Came across this resource again recently. I had saved it in the hopes that I'd try it out one of these days. In the meantime, this goes out to all those who would like to build a well designed, inexpensive easel, now instead of spending big bucks on buying one. Ben Grosser has generously made these plans available for free. He is an artist and you can see his work here. If you do use these plans dont forget to send him photographs for his easel gallery.

Figure Drawing Resource 6 - Posemaniacs

I found the link to Posemaniacs on Kathy Johnsons blog, The Quicksilver Workaholic. It is an absolutely fantastic resource. You can jump right into using the poses or use Google translate to figure out what the japanese text is about.

I have a copy of Virtual Poses that I have yet to use. Since I spend long hours on the net/computer I am likely to use this resource more often.

A few quick links on the site
A variety of poses which you can rotate 360deg on both axis.

Short poses and gesture drawings - 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90sec poses

Negative spaces

Google Translate

Update: September 13, 2007: I've just received a comment from the site owner for Pose maniacs
Today I added English instruction to 30 seconds drawing and random pose viewer pages.

Monotypes : Printmaking

We were exposed to a bit of printmaking in Art college in order for the students to decide on their 3rd year specializations. I managed to try Etching, Intaglio and Lithography and missed out on Silk Screen printing.

Soon after I got myself a copy of Judy Martin's The Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques with plans of exploring further. But until I stumbled across Belinda del Pesco's site and write-up on monotypes, printmaking had got shelved for other art priorities. Printing supplies did not seem to be available and so I put in a request for Lino boards assuming that these would be to easier to locate. Well, I havent been successful as yet!

The last couple of weeks I've been surfing furiously and through a post on wetcanvas (i think!) came to this Smithsonian's resource on Monotypes. There are 12 short video clips explaining what they are, how they are made, the difference between these and monoprints and there is a gallery of work on display. I'm puttin…

Figure Drawing Resource 5 - Glenn Vilppu

Links to the renowned Glenn Vilppu's bi-monthly online column which appeared in Animation World Magazine have been put below for your easy reference. First an introduction "Never Underestimate the Power of Life Drawing" and 11 lessons in the figure drawing course followed by 12 in the "sketching on location" set. Though the series finished a few years ago, Animation World Magazine continues to generously host these online. Glenn Vilppu advises going through the first set before trying the ones on sketching. Dont miss out on them.

Never Underestimate the Power of Life Drawing
Vilppu Drawing Online: Gesture
Vilppu Drawing Online: Spherical Forms
Vilppu Drawing Online: The Box
Vilppu Drawing Online: Introducing Material and Proportion
Vilppu Drawing Online: Drawing Ellipses
Vilppu Drawing Online: From the General to the Specific

Vilppu Drawing Online: The Landmarks of Anatomy
Vilppu Drawing Online: Seeing Anatomical Masses
Seeing The Figure As A 2D Object
Using To…

Figure Drawing Resource 4 - Gray's Anatomy

A knowlege of anatomy is a must if you are interested in learning to paint, draw, or sculpt the human form. I first saw a copy of Gray's Anatomy in my sisters hand. She was in medical college and every student world over has had a copy to study.

Much later, when I saw a reference to it on off I went to investigate. There I found an incredible figure drawing resource - 1247 engravings from Henry Gray's "Anatomy of the Human Body" for you to access online. Use it to study, draw or sculpt the skeleton, the muscles that cover them and how our joints move. At least those are my plans :D Here's a link to an index of these engravings.

Happy Figure Drawing!

Drawing - Begin from the beginning

More learning to draw links. This time from one of my favourite sites WetCanvas. They now have a separate sub-forum, The Classroom, devoted to teaching people to draw step-by-step with lots of attention and instruction thrown in. There are now two levels, the Basic 101's for beginners and the 102's for those who have graduated. Have a look and join in, you wont regret it. Happy Drawing!

The Classroom
Basic 101
Pre-Class assignments and Faq's
Class1 Basic Structure of Objects—Straight Lines
Class 2 Eye Level: Foundation of Perspective
Class 3 Drawing Cubic Objects
Class 4 Drawing Cylindrical Objects
Class 5 Drawing Spherical Objects
Class 6 Drawing Conical Objects
Class 7 EXAM: Putting it all together
Class 8 Light and Shade
Class 9 Book Report and Project Assignment 2 week class
Class 10 Still Life
Class 11 That Ol’ Black Charcoal
Class 12 Swabs: Not Just for Ears Anymore!
Class 13 Outdoor Still Life
Class 14 The Human Figure—GO FIGURE! warning, NUDITY!

Journaling and More Drawing Basics

Here's a new site that I came across yesterday while googling how to draw water and reflections. It's called Suite 101 and has lessons on a whole bunch of subjects ranging from architecture to modern history to world theater. They also have a section on Painting and Drawing under Visual arts. I have selected the lessons by Joan Martine Murphy whose lessons I've started reading. I found them interesting and I hope you do too.

Drawing Lessons by Joan Martine Murphy
Lesson 1: Getting Started - An Introduction to Journaling.
Lesson 2: Line An Essential Ingredient.
Lesson 3: Creating Depth
Lesson 4: Colour
Lesson 5: Transparency, Reflections, Shadows and the Art Of Illusion.
Lesson 6: Abstract methods:
Lesson 7: Gestalt - Something More Than The Sum of the Parts
Lesson 8: Collage Creation.