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Sophie's World - Jostein Gaarder

I'm still in the middle of the book but I'm enjoying reading what I didnt cover in school and shamefully since didnt find the time to read up on!!
Excerpt from review by David Park
Who are you? Where does the world come from? These are two questions Sophie, a fifteen year-old Norwegian girl, receives in her mailbox one day from an unknown stranger. Thus begins a mysterious adventure for Sophie, and an adventure for any person of any age who reads her story.

So, if you have anything of the fifteen year old girl in you, or of an elderly philosopher, or love ideas, then read this book, and if you have anyone close to you, read it aloud and argue out the ideas - that̢۪s the way it used to be done. After all Socrates engaged in dialogues not because he claimed to be a teacher but because he believed it takes two to philosophize. The principal alternative is to watch the Medusa-TV sets and run the risk of having your heart turned to stone.

Sango in the news!

for those of you who havent read any as yet... here's the link to sango's articles in the Afternoon Courier and Despatch...
Sango in the news!
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