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Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

I was surfing as usual, just cant seem to stop :P and found this link to da Vinci's drawings at the Drawn site. The main page lists thumbnails of the pages and take you to a much larger version of the page. This is another site that I would like to study at leisure.Update: May 15, 2006 : 20 things you didnt know about Leonardo Da Vinci. I thought that these would be of interest to those interested in Da Vinci. I found the link to this article by discover magazine from the snag site.Update: May 26, 2006: Robert Genn artist and author of Painters Key in his most recent twice-weeklyletter has talked about the 7 virtues that Da Vinci wrote about. He has also referred to How to think like Da Vinci by Michael Gelb and The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci edited by Pamela Taylor.Update: Oct 2, 2006: Leonardo's notebook in 3D. Universal Leonardo has information on his life, the times, drawing, manuscripts, paintings etc.Update: Oct 14, 2006: See Leonardo's drawings animated online… for Artist Biographies

The Impressionists

You can get a feel for the artist, his work with the short but detailed write-ups along with samples of their work, available at the Biography website. And you dont have to restrict yourself to the Impressionists or even artists for that matter. Wonderful addition to my growing list of sites.

Found the link by sroseman while looking up the tag "art" on delirious .

Update: April 30, 2006 - BBC's arts website has put together a gallery of the most popular paintings by the leading Impressionists - Monet, Renoir, Degas, Gauguin, Seurat and Van Gogh. These will go very well with the write-up on these very same artists at the Biography website above.

Color Scheme Generator 2

A handy color scheme generator provided by as an online resource as well as a download. It is available for non-commercial use along with other web design tips, tricks and techniques.