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Painting - The Basics

Learning to draw

A couple of days back there was comment asking for help on starting to draw and paint. I'd asked him to join the WetCanvas! Classroom forum and to look up some additional sources from this site.
This morning I got a newsletter from drawspace . I find that it is growing to be a wonderful online resource for drawing lessons. These are divided into 3 levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced. drawspace also has a forum which is slowly growing and the activities are focussed on drawing with pencil, charcoal, color pencils and pen & ink. All the lessons have been written by one person and you have a choice of viewing it for free online or downloading the pdf version for a small fee. Brenda Hoddinott whose lessons populate this website is amongst other things a self taught artist. She is currently working on a new website along similar lines for Fine Art.

Today, Mayank has got an update with details of this site as an alternative and few other suggestions one of which I shall put …

Make Digital Art

Haven't had a go at making art digitally? There are at least two really great pieces of software out there for you to try. One that I've mentioned in an earlier post and Corel's Painter IX.5. You can download a two month trial version. It is the fully functional version, nothing has be disabled. Here's a WIP that i've made with Painter.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Betty Edwards book has been a huge success. While putting together the last but one post I found a thread on the CGTalk forum based on the exercises in the book. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was the first book on drawing that I purchased and it got me started. This was over two years ago but I haven't got around to finishing the exercises in the book. I'm hoping to do so sometime soon and this thread will come in handy then.

Figure Drawing Resource 3

This is the 3rd in the series of Figure Drawing Resources that I find fantastic and which has been provided freely online.Rey Bustos teaches anatomy and figure drawing in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the Flash based resource of figures with the musculature overlaid, provided for students of art and anatomy. You can see an example of it here here. Rey's Anatomy is just one part of the site. You'll also find his blog, figure drawings and many other resources on his website.

"As an educator I have worked hard to make my passion for anatomy more accessible to more students and professionals seeking a more interactive mode of studying or using anatomical reference. In this web site, I along with my designer Yariv Newman,have tried to give a taste of what I am striving to achieve but in a larger scale sometime in the near future. Please use my email to reach me if you are interested in any of the work that you see here or for any help that I can avail myself to you." - Rey …

Figure Drawing Resource 2

This post has taken far far longer than I had planned. As promised this is another great online resource for figure drawing . This one is by Rebecca Kimmel - the 3rd Rebecca.

She is an artist and an illustrator and the Anatomy Forum Leader at CGTalk where she has put together a bunch of assignment and links for beginners. "Rebecca Kimmel draws on her extensive formal training under master instructors Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean, and Richard Bunkall to instill the basics required to accurately and faithfully interpret the human form" as aptly described by CGTalk. You can find her work here. She holds a 9 week workshop - Figuratively Speaking, Annalysing the Human Form but that's isnt for free :D. You can see some of her work on the forum here.

You will find a bunch of other useful links about Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art from Kirk at CGSociety here.

UPDATE : July 21, 2006: I had written to Rebecca asking her for some additional links on her work and received a pro…

Understanding the Art of Shading

I'm beginning to get the feeling that i need to change my name to Rebecca! There seem to be many successful artists, who also share their expertise, with that name. The last post was a link to a site by Rebecca Alzofon and this one is by Rebekah Lynn and I'll be putting up a link to a 3rd one, Rebecca Kimmel, soon.

This is a link to the tutorial on understanding the art of shading and the beautifully shaded horse above is an example of Rebekah's expertise. I agree wholeheartedly that there are 2 P's to do before getting to shade well - Pressure and Practice! I only wish I'd take the hint! Rebekah Lynn has several other tutorials too. I liked this one the best.

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Figure Drawing Resource I

This is the first in a series that i'll be putting together of resources available on the net to learn figure drawing. Rebecca Alzofon of Academic Figure workshops and classes has put together a tutorial on Gesture drawing, what it is, why it is important and how to go about it. The tutorial is animated and easy to understand.I had tagged her site a while ago but remembered it again only when i saw a reference to a study that she'd put together on Pierre-Paul Prud'hon. The article is on her interpretation of his style, technique and approach to figure drawing. She has subsequently updated the article here.


Ingres to Degas

Ingres to Degas
Originally uploaded by HughPee.

The Essence of Line is a collection of drawings by 19th century French artists. The drawings are part of the collection of a couple of museums and are available for viewing online. There is a My Gallery feature allowing you to collect your favorites to enjoy at leisure.

These drawings are in a variety of medium including watercolors. There is a very nicely designed search function which allows you to search by artist, medium, style etc.

Other than the two mentioned above this exhibition has works of over 900 artists including Delacroix, Cezanne, Manet and Daumier.

3 complete sketchbooks have been scanned and are also available. Take a look.

I love Art Rage 2.0!

I'm in love with Art Rage 2.0 and you will be too if you try it! And you can easily do that from here as they have a free version. Not diabled, not watermarked but with fewer functions.
You click on the icon and you are ready to begin. Play around with oils, chalks, pencils, felt pens, and other tools! Art Rage 2.0 is a painting program with a difference. Its free, easy to use and it reacts to you instantly. Just the ease of use and speed make it like none I've tried before. For about $20, it is a steal. And if you're happy with the features in the free version then you have an even better bargain.
Dont take my word for it, go try it out. or check out these reviews of outrageously good at Apple Matters and Amazing by Windows user From the Eyes of an Artist
I'm waiting for my tablet to arrive to post better results but the pict posted is of me trying my hand at painting, using my mouse, with oil as the medium and brush, knife and felt pen as my tools.…

Facial Expressions

I think this is a fantastic learning tool for drawing as well as sculpting. It shows you the effect of different facial expressions using an animated face; the changes that take place in the muscle and face shape due to a change of expression. A range of expressions has been provided. I hope this resource stays online.Update - "Artnatomy autorun improved tool (with some corrected mistakes and bugs I've detected) will be available this summer (I'm overloaded by work, right now) at a price (30 €, 35$ USD) I believe reasonable and will allow me to continue financing this kind of works (I'm working in new project) and the server big traffic. Same improved version is going to stay online free anyway." Victoria Contrera Flores.
Update : Oct 30, 2006 : I got an email today from Victoria Flores announcing the availability of the Desktop (offline) version of this application for 30 €. I've put below an excerpt.

"This new version provides a new feature addi…

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

I was surfing as usual, just cant seem to stop :P and found this link to da Vinci's drawings at the Drawn site. The main page lists thumbnails of the pages and take you to a much larger version of the page. This is another site that I would like to study at leisure.Update: May 15, 2006 : 20 things you didnt know about Leonardo Da Vinci. I thought that these would be of interest to those interested in Da Vinci. I found the link to this article by discover magazine from the snag site.Update: May 26, 2006: Robert Genn artist and author of Painters Key in his most recent twice-weeklyletter has talked about the 7 virtues that Da Vinci wrote about. He has also referred to How to think like Da Vinci by Michael Gelb and The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci edited by Pamela Taylor.Update: Oct 2, 2006: Leonardo's notebook in 3D. Universal Leonardo has information on his life, the times, drawing, manuscripts, paintings etc.Update: Oct 14, 2006: See Leonardo's drawings animated online… for Artist Biographies

The Impressionists

You can get a feel for the artist, his work with the short but detailed write-ups along with samples of their work, available at the Biography website. And you dont have to restrict yourself to the Impressionists or even artists for that matter. Wonderful addition to my growing list of sites.

Found the link by sroseman while looking up the tag "art" on delirious .

Update: April 30, 2006 - BBC's arts website has put together a gallery of the most popular paintings by the leading Impressionists - Monet, Renoir, Degas, Gauguin, Seurat and Van Gogh. These will go very well with the write-up on these very same artists at the Biography website above.

Color Scheme Generator 2

A handy color scheme generator provided by as an online resource as well as a download. It is available for non-commercial use along with other web design tips, tricks and techniques.

On drawing from Photographs

drawing by Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory's article and the comments that follow makes for an interesting read. I found the article raised points that I had not looked at. It is quite absorbing and so is the write-up on it on the Digital Photography site.

But I must admit that I do not agree with him. Drawing from Photographs and from Life are two different methods and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I do both and would not like to stop either or run down either method. Having said that, the article is definitely worth a read.

Found the link to Danny Gregory's article on the Digital Photography site.

Update: May 26 - The other side of the coin :D on Art News Blog

And I've joined the EDM, Danny Gregory's group recently and find the members very friendly and supportive.

Indian Contemporary & Modern Art

A site which not only gives you news and views on Indian Art, it also provides links to Indian Galleries and Auction houses. The site has posts from several contributors. Now you can keep in touch with the Indian Art Market more easily. Well worth visiting regularly.

Webmaster El Dorado - Free high quality photos.

UPDATE : The site seems to have been pulled off the web :(

Nice source of photographs which are for free, said to be collected from USENET News. There are over 19,000 images available. A bit outdated as the gallery was last updated in Oct 2000

When one door closes.... Check out YotoPhoto, a search engine for free to use stock photos and images.

Plus some others in previous posts
Bubl Links Internet Resources' Image Collection
Tasi :: Image Sites
Open Photo Project
Joe Sullivan's PD Photo

Update : Oct 5, 2006 : Found a list of free photo sites on Lorelle's blog.