Monday, June 23



It's been quite a while since I made a post here and it's mostly because there are many other folks doing a better job. I recently attended two printmaking workshops and found that I had forgotten most of what I had learned earlier. These 3 fairly basic articles defining printmaking, the various types and sub-types might come in handy in case you are interested in this very interesting branch of fine art. They certainly will come in handy before the next printmaking workshop for me! :D

MOMA on What is a Print? - It is animated and highly recommended

American Artists with an Introduction to Printmaking for fine art and

Printmaking on Wikipedia has more details on the various types and sub types

The work above has been drawn and painted on a prepared limestone for a Lithograph, with a glass pencil and some diluted tusche. You can see the outcome here.

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  1. I think it's fabulous!!!
    beautiful work!!!

  2. Hello!

    i would like to suggest to you one of the best learning resources i have found on the web concerning human figure drawing.
    go to

    (It is not free, but if you are not in the position to buy it, there's ways to "acquire it" for free on the net ;p


  3. thank you camo!!! I shall look out for it.

  4. Lovely. I have yet to jump in to printmaking, but you make me want to very much.

  5. I can spend hours on your website. You are a deep thinker and your work reflects it. I loved this one brings such serenity "mother and child". You are absolutely amazing and talented. Bravo!!!!!

  6. Robin : thank you. dont know how i missed seeing your comment earlier :(

    Ishi : stop spoiling me!

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  8. wow, nice :D

    I honestly think you would enjoy

    You can draw anything onto a canvas and it stays there forever (as long as no one draws over it!)

    try it :)