Thursday, July 19

Figure Drawing Resource 6 - Posemaniacs


I found the link to Posemaniacs on Kathy Johnsons blog, The Quicksilver Workaholic. It is an absolutely fantastic resource. You can jump right into using the poses or use Google translate to figure out what the japanese text is about.

I have a copy of Virtual Poses that I have yet to use. Since I spend long hours on the net/computer I am likely to use this resource more often.

A few quick links on the site
A variety of poses which you can rotate 360deg on both axis.

Short poses and gesture drawings
- 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90sec poses

Negative spaces

Google Translate

Update: September 13, 2007: I've just received a comment from the site owner for Pose maniacs
Today I added English instruction to 30 seconds drawing and random pose viewer pages.


  1. This is awesome. Totally fantastic resourse to practice figure drawing. I am so grateful for your tips and hints. Now I only need to find that google translate.

  2. Thanks Trine and here's the link for Google Translate
    I shall update the post with it too.

  3. While a little bit creepy, I think that is pretty amazing! :-)

  4. Just came across your blog. I am starting off again on the creative process in Ireland. I found the resources you have linked on drawing etc. really useful. Thanks.

  5. THIS is great stuff.....
    Thankyou so much for sharing your finds!

  6. Ujwala - what an interesting find. Thank you so much for posting it. I must give this a try, to see if it is a good addition to life drawing workshops.

  7. Thank you all! On the look out for material for the next post :D

  8. Thanks for your introducing of my site.
    Today I added English instruction to 30 seconds drawing and random pose viewer pages.

  9. I've used posemaniacs extensively since I stumbled upon your blog. I use it in conjunction with Nicolaides book 'The Natural Way to Draw'. Thanks so much for sharing your find!

  10. what an interesting idea! I still stand a chance of tackling some of those exercises before year end then. Going through the book was a part of my art resolutions. I'm glad you found it useful. These comments spur me to look for more to put up here :D Hope you continue to stop by.

  11. posemaniacs have done a great job and is a wonderful resource. glad you found the link useful. wish i would start using some of the information collected!

  12. Good resources, Ujwala. Like "Keys to Drawing" probably the best book ever written on drawing. Nita Engle's "Exploring Color"--great. And the fantastic, free Posemaniacs--they even have casts. Recently I spend quite a while searching the Web for cast, didn't find much.
    Thanks, again, for your efforts on our behalf.
    (You may wish to check my latest entries at
    Especially the sets: Selected watercolors, acrylics, practice sketches, Chinese Brush Studies, and Sketches--most drawn on location).
    By the way, good to see your progress on portraits /faces!