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Drawing - Begin from the beginning

More learning to draw links. This time from one of my favourite sites WetCanvas. They now have a separate sub-forum, The Classroom, devoted to teaching people to draw step-by-step with lots of attention and instruction thrown in. There are now two levels, the Basic 101's for beginners and the 102's for those who have graduated. Have a look and join in, you wont regret it. Happy Drawing!

The Classroom
Basic 101
Pre-Class assignments and Faq's
Class1 Basic Structure of Objects—Straight Lines
Class 2 Eye Level: Foundation of Perspective
Class 3 Drawing Cubic Objects
Class 4 Drawing Cylindrical Objects
Class 5 Drawing Spherical Objects
Class 6 Drawing Conical Objects
Class 7 EXAM: Putting it all together
Class 8 Light and Shade
Class 9 Book Report and Project Assignment 2 week class
Class 10 Still Life
Class 11 That Ol’ Black Charcoal
Class 12 Swabs: Not Just for Ears Anymore!
Class 13 Outdoor Still Life
Class 14 The Human Figure—GO FIGURE! warning, NUDITY!

Journaling and More Drawing Basics

Here's a new site that I came across yesterday while googling how to draw water and reflections. It's called Suite 101 and has lessons on a whole bunch of subjects ranging from architecture to modern history to world theater. They also have a section on Painting and Drawing under Visual arts. I have selected the lessons by Joan Martine Murphy whose lessons I've started reading. I found them interesting and I hope you do too.

Drawing Lessons by Joan Martine Murphy
Lesson 1: Getting Started - An Introduction to Journaling.
Lesson 2: Line An Essential Ingredient.
Lesson 3: Creating Depth
Lesson 4: Colour
Lesson 5: Transparency, Reflections, Shadows and the Art Of Illusion.
Lesson 6: Abstract methods:
Lesson 7: Gestalt - Something More Than The Sum of the Parts
Lesson 8: Collage Creation.