Sunday, December 17

Painting - The Basics

In my last post, I had talked about an incredible source for lessons in Painting. Charles Sovek has very generously made his book, The Basics, available on the web, for free, from the very beginning. You can have a look at each lesson and if you find them useful maybe pick up a copy from his site. There are many more resources there for you to discover and I had covered a few of them in an earlier post.

Contour and Gesture
Sight Size Drawing
Drawing a Complex Object
Drawing with Shadows
Tonal Drawing

Painting a Value Scale
Painting Blocks in Tone
Line to Tone
Square to Round
Painting a Solid Form
Patterning a Composition with Tone
Painting a Solid Form
Patterning a Composition with Tone
Popping Your Lights
Basic Lighting Conditions
Dissipating Light
Different Kinds of Light
Crest Light
Hollows, Accents and Highlights

Color Values
Painting Blocks in Color
Reflective Color
Color Temperature
Color Intensity
Averaging Lights and Shadows
Keying your Color
Color and Atmosphere
Painting Fleshtones
Painting a Vista
Overcoming Regularity
Pushing Value Contrasts
Patterning a Composition
Painting from Photographs
The 4-A-Day Plan

Update: July 9, 2007: Charles Sovek passed away unexpectedly on June 8, 2007. I will not be exaggerating when I say that he was a very generous soul and made available a lot of information for free for the student artists on his website. I have been a big fan for the last few years and will miss his friendly presence.