Sunday, June 18

Figure Drawing Resource 3


This is the 3rd in the series of Figure Drawing Resources that I find fantastic and which has been provided freely online.

Rey Bustos teaches anatomy and figure drawing in Los Angeles. I enjoyed the Flash based resource of figures with the musculature overlaid, provided for students of art and anatomy. You can see an example of it here here. Rey's Anatomy is just one part of the site. You'll also find his blog, figure drawings and many other resources on his website.

"As an educator I have worked hard to make my passion for anatomy more accessible to more students and professionals seeking a more interactive mode of studying or using anatomical reference. In this web site, I along with my designer Yariv Newman,have tried to give a taste of what I am striving to achieve but in a larger scale sometime in the near future. Please use my email to reach me if you are interested in any of the work that you see here or for any help that I can avail myself to you." - Rey Bustos

I plan to return soon to study it at leisure. I hope you find it useful too.

Update : Feb 25, 2007 : I was delighted to find that Rey Bustos had left a couple of comments on my back up blog asking folks interested in figure drawing and anatomy to stop by and say hello.
  1. Rey Bustos Says:

    Completely my pleasure and honor. I do get really busy, I teach 7 days a week but I always have time to check in on friends of knowledge and wisdom! Tomorrow, Sunday I teach my Anatomy/Ecorche’ class at the L.A. Academy of Figurative Art from 9-2:30, everyone calls my class “Rey’s Anatomy” which I love. Please have anyone at all use my email address posted on my site to pop in and say hello…don’t be snobs! Very warmly yours, Rey

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Wednesday, June 14

Figure Drawing Resource 2

This post has taken far far longer than I had planned. As promised this is another great online resource for figure drawing . This one is by Rebecca Kimmel - the 3rd Rebecca.


She is an artist and an illustrator and the Anatomy Forum Leader at CGTalk where she has put together a bunch of assignment and links for beginners. "Rebecca Kimmel draws on her extensive formal training under master instructors Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean, and Richard Bunkall to instill the basics required to accurately and faithfully interpret the human form" as aptly described by CGTalk. You can find her work here. She holds a 9 week workshop - Figuratively Speaking, Annalysing the Human Form but that's isnt for free :D. You can see some of her work on the forum here.

You will find a bunch of other useful links about Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art from Kirk at CGSociety here.

UPDATE : July 21, 2006: I had written to Rebecca asking her for some additional links on her work and received a prompt reply. Here they are.
Portfolio - on CGTalk
Drifting - her blog

UPDATE : Feb 23, 2008 : Stumbled across Mirrorbooks while surfing today. It is Rebecca's blog about drawing and her experiences as a teacher.