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Figure Drawing Resource 2

This post has taken far far longer than I had planned. As promised this is another great online resource for figure drawing . This one is by Rebecca Kimmel - the 3rd Rebecca.


She is an artist and an illustrator and the Anatomy Forum Leader at CGTalk where she has put together a bunch of assignment and links for beginners. "Rebecca Kimmel draws on her extensive formal training under master instructors Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean, and Richard Bunkall to instill the basics required to accurately and faithfully interpret the human form" as aptly described by CGTalk. You can find her work here. She holds a 9 week workshop - Figuratively Speaking, Annalysing the Human Form but that's isnt for free :D. You can see some of her work on the forum here.

You will find a bunch of other useful links about Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art from Kirk at CGSociety here.

UPDATE : July 21, 2006: I had written to Rebecca asking her for some additional links on her work and received a prompt reply. Here they are.
Portfolio - on CGTalk
Drifting - her blog

UPDATE : Feb 23, 2008 : Stumbled across Mirrorbooks while surfing today. It is Rebecca's blog about drawing and her experiences as a teacher.


  1. Ujwala,

    Thanks so much for the link and for the support of my site! It's great that there are so many art enthusiasts in the world, it's really been incredible to see the great stuff that people are doing. I look forward to your participation in the Anatomy Forum! :)



  2. The work has been done by Rebecca Kimmel, a very talented artist. Follow the links in the post above to read about and see more of her work.

  3. thanks for looking machelle. i too really like the drawing. you'll find rebecca hosting a thread at the cgsociety forum.


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