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Figure Drawing Resource I

This is the first in a series that i'll be putting together of resources available on the net to learn figure drawing. Rebecca Alzofon of Academic Figure workshops and classes has put together a tutorial on Gesture drawing, what it is, why it is important and how to go about it. The tutorial is animated and easy to understand.I had tagged her site a while ago but remembered it again only when i saw a reference to a study that she'd put together on Pierre-Paul Prud'hon. The article is on her interpretation of his style, technique and approach to figure drawing. She has subsequently updated the article here.


Ingres to Degas

Ingres to Degas
Originally uploaded by HughPee.

The Essence of Line is a collection of drawings by 19th century French artists. The drawings are part of the collection of a couple of museums and are available for viewing online. There is a My Gallery feature allowing you to collect your favorites to enjoy at leisure.

These drawings are in a variety of medium including watercolors. There is a very nicely designed search function which allows you to search by artist, medium, style etc.

Other than the two mentioned above this exhibition has works of over 900 artists including Delacroix, Cezanne, Manet and Daumier.

3 complete sketchbooks have been scanned and are also available. Take a look.

I love Art Rage 2.0!

I'm in love with Art Rage 2.0 and you will be too if you try it! And you can easily do that from here as they have a free version. Not diabled, not watermarked but with fewer functions.
You click on the icon and you are ready to begin. Play around with oils, chalks, pencils, felt pens, and other tools! Art Rage 2.0 is a painting program with a difference. Its free, easy to use and it reacts to you instantly. Just the ease of use and speed make it like none I've tried before. For about $20, it is a steal. And if you're happy with the features in the free version then you have an even better bargain.
Dont take my word for it, go try it out. or check out these reviews of outrageously good at Apple Matters and Amazing by Windows user From the Eyes of an Artist
I'm waiting for my tablet to arrive to post better results but the pict posted is of me trying my hand at painting, using my mouse, with oil as the medium and brush, knife and felt pen as my tools.…