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Facial Expressions

I think this is a fantastic learning tool for drawing as well as sculpting. It shows you the effect of different facial expressions using an animated face; the changes that take place in the muscle and face shape due to a change of expression. A range of expressions has been provided. I hope this resource stays online.Update - "Artnatomy autorun improved tool (with some corrected mistakes and bugs I've detected) will be available this summer (I'm overloaded by work, right now) at a price (30 €, 35$ USD) I believe reasonable and will allow me to continue financing this kind of works (I'm working in new project) and the server big traffic. Same improved version is going to stay online free anyway." Victoria Contrera Flores.
Update : Oct 30, 2006 : I got an email today from Victoria Flores announcing the availability of the Desktop (offline) version of this application for 30 €. I've put below an excerpt.

"This new version provides a new feature addi…