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Webmaster El Dorado - Free high quality photos.

UPDATE : The site seems to have been pulled off the web :(

Nice source of photographs which are for free, said to be collected from USENET News. There are over 19,000 images available. A bit outdated as the gallery was last updated in Oct 2000

When one door closes.... Check out YotoPhoto, a search engine for free to use stock photos and images.

Plus some others in previous posts
Bubl Links Internet Resources' Image Collection
Tasi :: Image Sites
Open Photo Project
Joe Sullivan's PD Photo

Update : Oct 5, 2006 : Found a list of free photo sites on Lorelle's blog.


  1. Hi!
    I liked your blog - and have reviewed it already.

    I've been checking out various of your links, and all are good stuff except for the Webmaster one (with 19,000 free photos). The link you gave goes to a blank page, and a google search for the Webmaster ElDorado site got me nowhere.

    Can you give me the current URL of the site?



  2. Went and checked out the link it doesnt work anymore :( and sorry I dont have another link for it. However, I have found a new site and pulled out several others that i made earlier in this site. Hope they help.


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