Wednesday, December 28

Van Gogh Museum: English

Here's a museum dedicated to Van Gogh. His work - drawings, paintings, influences, history, letters - all that you want to know. I'm hoping to copy a couple of his paintings, soon, as part of my learning and one of those will most definitely be one of his self portraits. I absolutely adore them.

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Tuesday, December 27

Budget DIY Photography Projects

Found this site while surfing through I've checked out the links to 2 projects that they have located and I think for me, personally, they'll be pretty useful - light tent and film scanner. I also like the idea that they are "budget" projects. Putting it up in case anyone else here thinks like me :P

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Friday, December 23

Chapman's - The American Drawing Book

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This book, made available, online, through the University of Wisconsin's Digital Collection, is devoted to learning to draw. Now we have located three books online which are devoted to drawing. This one was first published in 1873 and the author Chapman's belief is that practice will make your drawings great. He starts you off with a bunch of exercises which at the end enable you to draw confident lines and from there he takes you further into drawing the head and figure.

Thursday, December 22

The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

Both his books (this and Oil Painting Techniques and Materials) come highly recommended and are available through Dover Publications. Project Gutenberg has made this one available for download.

Monday, December 19

A New Direction in Art Education

This is an interesting article by Dr. Gregory Hedberg citing reasons why the traditional method of learning fine art - drawing from cast and live models - is good for art and artists alike and why it should not be ignored or given lesser weightage.

Wednesday, December 7

Figure Drawing For All It's Worth


One of Andrew Loomis' most popular books. Now out of print along with most others. Yesterday Arjun talked to me about a book in class and today he brought along his copy. It turned out to be a copy of this one. he had made a photocopy from an original that his teacher had and this was quite a few years ago. Arjun followed and tried out the drawings in the book and it has helped him. Today he outdid the rest of us in his life drawing using proportions.

Here is the copy of this and several other Loomis books online. This is an alternative location to the one I mentioned in an earlier post. Free to peruse, download or print to study at leisure. A worthwhile addition to any students book collection. I for one am going to continue studying this book. I stopped after the first few pages as i joined Art College in August.

Update - April 17, 2006 - Ryan Scott of placidchaos has made all 6 pdf's available for download.

Creative Illustration

Drawing the Heads & Hands

Figure Drawing for all it's worth

Fun with Pencil

Successful Drawing

The Eye of the Painter

Way to go Ryan! Click here for one or all six!