Friday, September 30

Van Gogh letters

art - technique
Van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo are available for viewing online. The selected ones are those in which he discusses technique with his brother.

This site was referred to in the "Painting the Masters" forum on Wet Canvas!
WetCanvas! - Master of the Month #21 - September 2005 (Van Gogh)

Monday, September 26

the Scarlet Letters: Notes on Making Art

Sven of the Scarlet Letters site has put down a list of pointers to his creative process.... most of them would apply to all of us. Click on the header to go to his site.

Found this link at the 43 folders site.

Sunday, September 25

WetCanvas! - Can I get good at painting by working alone?

Quoted from a post made by Jane Stuart in the Wet Canvas Forum for Creativity.

"You must find your own way, and take what you can from all you encounter, especially other artists. There is no one correct way.

I must tell this story. Years ago I met Andrew Wyeth he was painting a portrait of my cousin, so I was fortunate to meet the artist. I was in art school at the time, and he knew I was a young painter. The conversation went like this:

AW Have you ever tried watercolor?
JS Not seriously, not yet
AW Oh, it's a wonderful medium. You simply must try it! But, whatever you do, don't let anyone tell you how to paint with it, you must figure it out for yourself."

Saturday, September 24

The Terracotta Sculptures of India

Tamil Nadu Giant Terracotta Horse
Massive terracotta horses have been built by Tamil villagers in south India for thousands of years. Stephen Inglis states that "technically they are the most ambitious achievements in clay found in India and by any survey probably the largest hollow clay images to be created anywhere" - Ron du Bois

Ceramics Today carries an article by Ron du Bois on the massive terracotta sculptures of Tamil Nadu. He went into the interiors and saw master craftsmen model and fire a 10ft terracotta horse over a period of 14 days. He has taken photographs of the whole process. Absolutely fascinating. He hopes that his notes will be enhance the international reputation of the little-known but highly impressive skills of the Indian potters

And if you are keen on seeing some other work in terracotta, visit the Terracotta museum in Anandgram on M.G Road. Amongst many other exciting pieces they too have large terracotta horses, on display, outdoors, at the entrance to the museum.

Making an Ocarina - Clay Whistle

Clay Whistle

Chris Henley takes you, step, through the process of making Clay Whistles. Ocarinas are more than just clay whistles, they are made to a particular pitch and are tuned and are considered to be musical instruments. Their beginnings are the same - a clay whistle. I have tried on two seperate occasions to make one with little success :( Keeping this link hand so that I try it out once more.

Wednesday, September 21

What is a Print?

This interactive demo with examples from MoMA's own collection makes Print Making simple and easy to understand. There are seperate sections for Woodcut, Etching, Lithography and Screenprint. Definitely worth reading as it represents a graphic, pictoral view of the notes that we have taken in class. Definitely worth checking out.

Electronic Color Theory

Brown University has put online information on Color Theory for visual and graphic art students. Will locate one for the subtractive method as that is what we need currently.

Wednesday, September 14


Here's another fascinating site with lots of information on methods and materials, art education etc. It is still under development. enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13

How to Paint your own Vermeer


I have been looking at the paintings of a few masters in the search of one that I would like to replicate to gain a greater understanding of the artist work as well as improve my painting skills. Here's one that I found online on vermeer. It discusses the methods and materials used by vermeer for his paintings and shows you how to paint in his style. The writer will be coming out with a book on this subject soon.

Dan Gheno's Teachings

Dan Gheno teaches at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and the National Academy, School of Fine Art. He has put excerpted versions of his classroom notes on drawing and painting online. Have a look.