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The Practice of Oil Painting

The Practice of Oil Painting
and of Drawing as associated with it.
By Solomon J. Solomon

Here's another out of print art book made available online. This is the Second Edition printed in 1914 and includes Eighty Illustrations.

Anatomy of the Human Body

Illustrations. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body has provided online access to the illustrations in Gray's Anatomy. Very useful for artists especially when you dont want to invest in a copy of Gray's. Now I'm wondering why I didnt grab my sisters copy 20 years ago!!

Brush Pens

I'd first read about these brushes on the sketchcrawl blog and quickly made up my mind that i wanted to acquire some. And there's more by Russel Stutler on these brush pens here.

Ramesh picked them up for me on his last visit to Tokyo from Tokyo Hands and brought back a bonus one too. I've been using the Bonus one - which comes with a black ink cartridge - for sketches and generally been having fun. Definitely a good addition to my collection.