Monday, October 7

Art Material Suppliers in New Delhi

A lot has changed in terms of accessibility and availability of art supplies since this post was first made back in Sep 14, 2005.   Sita Ram now has a big store in Lajpat Nagar.  The South Ex branch is their HQ and not much available to purchase there.

Sita Ram Stationers
J-5 Central Market Lajpat Nagar-2
New Delhi - 110023

Tel:-+91 (11) 29842832, 24638266
Tele-fax: +91 (11) 46678484
M:- +91 9810939394, 9650338339


Sita Ram Stationers
G-8, South Extension 1
New Delhi - 110049
(the lane before the market square)
Shop: 2463 8266
Mob: 98110 04530

If you buy a supplies for a reasonably large amount, do ask for a discount.


Khalsa Brothers
Joginder Singh
4129, Nai Sarak
Near Jogiwara
Delhi - 6
Shop: 2391 2878
Mob: 98105 12870

Discounts are given here too if you purchase for a reasonable sum.


  1. It is a very nice help.I am from Kerala and recently in delhi.Once I was madly in painting.I was looking to purchase some art materials,and you did a great favour.I wish to contact you.

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  3. Thank you Sanal. Glad to be of help.

  4. hey... thanx alot for the was really helpful.
    i was also loofing for some imported art material which i was unable to get at khalso stroe .. if u can tell me more art stores in delhi or mumbai it will very helpful

    contact me at
    n visit

  5. hey... information was quite helpful. i was looking for some art stores which supply imported marteial coz i wasnt able to get all i want at khalsa store, will check out sitaram asap..


  6. thank you mitika. i'm afraid i dont know of any others but you will find a fair amount of imported art supplies at Sitarams.

  7. This is indeed a great job that you have done..
    Was looking for art supplies in the www. Voila! I found this blog.
    I wish there were more good people like you in this world.

  8. Thanks this is very useful information. I am jobless doctor and trying to have a private practise and love to paint in my free time in my art space.

  9. Hi, thank you for these recommendations. I am looking for ceramic clay - do these shops carry different colors?


  10. I'm afraid these stores do not sell clay. You'd need to go to the delhi art college (tilak marg) and enquire where they get their stock of clay from. or call the delhi blue pottery trust for information. you'll find the contact details in the link below

  11. hiya!

    where can i get the basic stuff to set up a small home studio for pottery?
    i have a wheel now, but need to get some wood bats of different sizes, plaster board for drying out the clay, etc...

    any advice...and would sitaram carry these things?


  12. get in touch with the delhi blue pottery trust people and they should be able to help you. all the best!

  13. Hi,

    I would like to purchase a pack of prismacolor premium color pencils (132 shades), where can I get them at a discount rate?

  14. why dont you go to the stores listed in the post and enquire? I'm sure they will have the product or be able to direct you to where you could locate these supplies.

  15. Is there any art suppliers shop in delhi which offers online shopping and shipping of the orders?

  16. I'm sorry but i'm not aware of such a store. do drop me a line if you find one anywhere in india. that will be very useful.

  17. Can anyone tell me where to get Graffiti stuff from, wanna get started and need to buy Oil paints,spray,stancils,sketchbooks,markers etc.

    Please mail me at Thanks in advance for the help..

  18. hi.. i'm vishal i'm from IIT delhi.. where can i find a store that has spray caps & cans for "graffiti" in New delhi? plz help?

  19. - Online store for some art supplies,

    Try and pass on comments/feedback

  20. Hello, it would be of great help if you can tell me where can I buy fluorescent acrylic colors of good quality here in Delhi.
    please mail it to me (