Friday, June 25

The Mac DVD Resource - DVDbackup

One more for the mac guys...

not been updated or tried recently... just keeping it here to jog my memory :p

Wednesday, June 9


This is allows you to use your computer as a DVR and allows you to watch tv too... i was wondering if any of you know what kind of broadcasting do we now have in india. is it digital satellite television? it's not terrestrial is it?? lemme know... tks!

Battling AIDS in India

India, 4.6 million people are HIV positive!!

Paint by Number - Logic Puzzles

Fabulous puzzles... fill the grid to reveal the picture... it's desperately addictive!! Try it out!

Also known as
Paint by Number, Tsunami, Griddler, Nonogram etc.

Originally uploaded by HughPee.

Monday, June 7

Fabulous freebies 2 - Needful things

i'm hoping that the name needful things and the wonderful freebies on offer unlike stephen king's book have no strings attached :P

Fabulous Freebies 1 - PIXTURE STUDIO

i've been using quickimage for a couple of weeks.. finding it was like manna from heaven... fabulous piece of work! and check out all the other freebies on offer...