Monday, October 24

Bruce Howdle

Ceramic Sculpture - now that's just what I was talking to the folks in Anandgram about wanting to learn.


Another resource for Art History on the web. And this one has information on Art History for all periods and all regions. There is a special section for Indian Art History too.

Intro to Self-Portraits

Gave up trying to find the authors name. Will try again tomorrow. Did not want to lose the link as I am interested in self portraits.

clayart - discussions by subject

This resource was recommended by "Sculpturedolls" at Wetcanvas. I thought it would be a useful resource for us too for our ceramic work. The information listed is for waterbased clay and mostly for potters.

Wednesday, October 19

Chapter Excerpt: Drawing From Within by Nick Meglin and Diane Meglin


I found this book in the library this morning and before I knew it I went through it cover to cover. A few things that I'd like to quote here that applies to me :P

"We make the mistake of looking outside ourselves for validation for what is, in fact, an inner experience. We look to others for approval, for them to tell us how good our work is before we can feel good about having done it! In other words we draw for others."

"Learning anything is an experiential process. Children learn to walk and talk through experience, not from a book" "Learning to draw is a similar natural response."

"Assignments arent Competitive. It's not you versus anyone. There always has been and always will be room for anyone with a personal statement."

Here is an excerpt from the book - the first chapter. have a look and i'm sure you'll want to read the rest of it too. I have made a note of all the assignments and plan to try them out soon.

I have completed 2 of the assignments so far
1. drawing a figure from life using 3 mediums
2. filling 3 pages of sketches of hands - i used 3 mediums for this too.

UPDATE: May 17, 2006 - If EDM'ers or anyone else browsing wants a list of the other items, leave me a comment and I'll send them to you.

Pictorial Art History - Daily Updates

Here's are 2 nice blogs on art history. every day there is a new piece of art displayed with a little write-up. - The First Art Newspaper on the Net

Your Daily Art

I for one am going to try and visit both regularly.

EDIT Nov 23 '05 - Sorted that out by subscribing to the Daily Newsletter from Art Daily :P

Monday, October 17

Life Drawing

We've done a couple of weeks of life drawing already. I think it would be nice if we could get our model to do short length poses for quick studies. Here's a animated tutorial from Rebecca Alzofon who has been teaching Life Drawing for over a decade.

Sunday, October 9

Ukiyoe - The Floating World

Here's a gallery of Ukiyoe - Japanese Woodblock Prints. A really fantastic resource if you'd like to study these prints. There are literally 1000's of them in these galleries. Have a look.

Ukiyo-e prints were being refered to in our Methods and Material class when we were discussing the various methods of printing.