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Van Gogh Museum: English

Here's a museum dedicated to Van Gogh. His work - drawings, paintings, influences, history, letters - all that you want to know. I'm hoping to copy a couple of his paintings, soon, as part of my learning and one of those will most definitely be one of his self portraits. I absolutely adore them.

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Budget DIY Photography Projects

Found this site while surfing through I've checked out the links to 2 projects that they have located and I think for me, personally, they'll be pretty useful - light tent and film scanner. I also like the idea that they are "budget" projects. Putting it up in case anyone else here thinks like me :P

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Chapman's - The American Drawing Book

This book, made available, online, through the University of Wisconsin's Digital Collection, is devoted to learning to draw. Now we have located three books online which are devoted to drawing. This one was first published in 1873 and the author Chapman's belief is that practice will make your drawings great. He starts you off with a bunch of exercises which at the end enable you to draw confident lines and from there he takes you further into drawing the head and figure.

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The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

Both his books (this and Oil Painting Techniques and Materials) come highly recommended and are available through Dover Publications. Project Gutenberg has made this one available for download.

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A New Direction in Art Education

This is an interesting article by Dr. Gregory Hedberg citing reasons why the traditional method of learning fine art - drawing from cast and live models - is good for art and artists alike and why it should not be ignored or given lesser weightage.

Figure Drawing For All It's Worth

One of Andrew Loomis' most popular books. Now out of print along with most others. Yesterday Arjun talked to me about a book in class and today he brought along his copy. It turned out to be a copy of this one. he had made a photocopy from an original that his teacher had and this was quite a few years ago. Arjun followed and tried out the drawings in the book and it has helped him. Today he outdid the rest of us in his life drawing using proportions.

Here is the copy of this and several other Loomis books online. This is an alternative location to the one I mentioned in an earlier post. Free to peruse, download or print to study at leisure. A worthwhile addition to any students book collection. I for one am going to continue studying this book. I stopped after the first few pages as i joined Art College in August.

Update - April 17, 2006 - Ryan Scott of placidchaos has made all 6 pdf's available for download.

Creative Illustration

Drawing the Heads & Hands


The Practice of Oil Painting

The Practice of Oil Painting
and of Drawing as associated with it.
By Solomon J. Solomon

Here's another out of print art book made available online. This is the Second Edition printed in 1914 and includes Eighty Illustrations.

Anatomy of the Human Body

Illustrations. Gray, Henry. 1918. Anatomy of the Human Body has provided online access to the illustrations in Gray's Anatomy. Very useful for artists especially when you dont want to invest in a copy of Gray's. Now I'm wondering why I didnt grab my sisters copy 20 years ago!!

Brush Pens

I'd first read about these brushes on the sketchcrawl blog and quickly made up my mind that i wanted to acquire some. And there's more by Russel Stutler on these brush pens here.

Ramesh picked them up for me on his last visit to Tokyo from Tokyo Hands and brought back a bonus one too. I've been using the Bonus one - which comes with a black ink cartridge - for sketches and generally been having fun. Definitely a good addition to my collection.


Another resource for Art History on the web. And this one has information on Art History for all periods and all regions. There is a special section for Indian Art History too.

Chapter Excerpt: Drawing From Within by Nick Meglin and Diane Meglin

I found this book in the library this morning and before I knew it I went through it cover to cover. A few things that I'd like to quote here that applies to me :P

"We make the mistake of looking outside ourselves for validation for what is, in fact, an inner experience. We look to others for approval, for them to tell us how good our work is before we can feel good about having done it! In other words we draw for others."

"Learning anything is an experiential process. Children learn to walk and talk through experience, not from a book" "Learning to draw is a similar natural response."

"Assignments arent Competitive. It's not you versus anyone. There always has been and always will be room for anyone with a personal statement."

Here is an excerpt from the book - the first chapter. have a look and i'm sure you'll want to read the rest of it too. I have made a note of all the assignments and plan to try them out soon.

I have completed 2…

Life Drawing

We've done a couple of weeks of life drawing already. I think it would be nice if we could get our model to do short length poses for quick studies. Here's a animated tutorial from Rebecca Alzofon who has been teaching Life Drawing for over a decade.

Ukiyoe - The Floating World

Here's a gallery of Ukiyoe - Japanese Woodblock Prints. A really fantastic resource if you'd like to study these prints. There are literally 1000's of them in these galleries. Have a look.

Ukiyo-e prints were being refered to in our Methods and Material class when we were discussing the various methods of printing.

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WetCanvas! - Can I get good at painting by working alone?

Quoted from a post made by Jane Stuart in the Wet Canvas Forum for Creativity.

"You must find your own way, and take what you can from all you encounter, especially other artists. There is no one correct way.

I must tell this story. Years ago I met Andrew Wyeth he was painting a portrait of my cousin, so I was fortunate to meet the artist. I was in art school at the time, and he knew I was a young painter. The conversation went like this:

AW Have you ever tried watercolor?
JS Not seriously, not yet
AW Oh, it's a wonderful medium. You simply must try it! But, whatever you do, don't let anyone tell you how to paint with it, you must figure it out for yourself."

The Terracotta Sculptures of India

Massive terracotta horses have been built by Tamil villagers in south India for thousands of years. Stephen Inglis states that "technically they are the most ambitious achievements in clay found in India and by any survey probably the largest hollow clay images to be created anywhere" - Ron du Bois

Ceramics Today carries an article by Ron du Bois on the massive terracotta sculptures of Tamil Nadu. He went into the interiors and saw master craftsmen model and fire a 10ft terracotta horse over a period of 14 days. He has taken photographs of the whole process. Absolutely fascinating. He hopes that his notes will be enhance the international reputation of the little-known but highly impressive skills of the Indian potters

And if you are keen on seeing some other work in terracotta, visit the Terracotta museum in Anandgram on M.G Road. Amongst many other exciting pieces they too have large terracotta horses, on display, outdoors, at the entrance to the museum.

Making an Ocarina - Clay Whistle

Chris Henley takes you, step, through the process of making Clay Whistles. Ocarinas are more than just clay whistles, they are made to a particular pitch and are tuned and are considered to be musical instruments. Their beginnings are the same - a clay whistle. I have tried on two seperate occasions to make one with little success :( Keeping this link hand so that I try it out once more.

What is a Print?

This interactive demo with examples from MoMA's own collection makes Print Making simple and easy to understand. There are seperate sections for Woodcut, Etching, Lithography and Screenprint. Definitely worth reading as it represents a graphic, pictoral view of the notes that we have taken in class. Definitely worth checking out.

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Here's another fascinating site with lots of information on methods and materials, art education etc. It is still under development. enjoy!

How to Paint your own Vermeer

I have been looking at the paintings of a few masters in the search of one that I would like to replicate to gain a greater understanding of the artist work as well as improve my painting skills. Here's one that I found online on vermeer. It discusses the methods and materials used by vermeer for his paintings and shows you how to paint in his style. The writer will be coming out with a book on this subject soon.

The Official M.C. Escher Website

I am a big fan of M.C.Escher's work, have been for a while. This site carries most of his works. They are divided into 6 galleries chronologically.

Learning to Look at Art

Not having attended the foundation course or done much reading in art / art history, I turned to my favorite resource, the net, when trying to do some background reading on our recent assignment - Analyze a Painting. Here is a site that fit my needs.

Art Critiquing - Articulation
From the site
What is art? How does art address the needs of humanity? Why do we create art? Is all art beautiful? Does everyone see art in the same way? What does a work of art say to you? How does an artist express his/her point of view? How do you talk about art? What is the language of art?

This program invites you to learn about the art critiquing process. The objectives of ARTiculation were designed to encourage you to really "look" at a piece of artwork and to understand what goes into the art making process. You will have opportunities to make informed judgments and to share personal insights about different types of art. You will also learn that there is not just one "correct" answe…

Guide to Art in the Renaissance Period

This guide is from the open university in the the uk. I've put this up so that I have easy access to reading about the Renaissance. This guide on Renaissance goes along with a programme aired on BBC2.

Figure Drawing for all it's Worth - Andrew Loomis

Here's another book that has been very popular but has been out of print for a while. is providing this and 3 other Andrew Loomis books online from their site. They also have some tasteful nude picture for artists. The only problem is to download each page in the books one at a time

Update - April 17, 2006 - Ryan Scott of Animation Ninja in Training has generously made all 6 pdf's available for download.

Creative Illustration

Drawing the Heads & Hands

Figure Drawing for all it's worth

Fun with Pencil

Successful Drawing

The Eye of the Painter

Way to go Ryan! Click here for one or all six!

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Charles Sovek

Charles Sovek Artist and Author | Painting in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and Gouache

I find Charles Sovek's paintings fascinating and inspiring. He has mastered the art of catching light and color directly from life in his paintings.

His website has a lot of useful information including lessons, articles that he has written for art magazines, his galleries of paintings etc.

Under Lessons from the Easel the Artist has provided free access to his book The Basics - which is based on his learning experiences from the 50's, he also has sections which are currently available only on the web where he takes you through steps on how to catch light in your paintings and lastly in learning how to "see" masterpieces, how to understand them. (click on the topics below to see the website)
The Basics - Massing-in, warms and cools, edges and patterns were but a few concepts of the litany of procedures...
Painting Anything Under the Sun - catching light is what makes a painter's world g…

Composition and the Elements of Visual Design

Since we're currently have Composition as our assignment for the week, I thought I'd do some reading on it. Here's an article which seems to be very well put together. Even though he is talking about photography, I think it applies to painting as well. There's even a pdf version so that you can print it out and read it at leisure.

Historical Anatomies on the Web: Browse Titles

Unbelievable resource. There are images from all kinds of historical books on anatomy available for reading on this site.

From the site
Historical Anatomies on the Web is a digital project designed to give Internet users access to high quality images from important anatomical atlases in the Library's collection. The project offers selected images from NLM's atlas collection, not the entire books, with an emphasis on images and not texts

handprint : watercolors

I dont think I'll be exaggerating when I say that handprint is the best site out there for watercolors. Theres information on color theory, material, techniques, reviews of books and much more. I've been going through the color section for a while now. The site has been written and is updated by Bruce MacEvoy. This is an ongoing project and it still has some sections which are not yet complete.

The Craftsman's Handbook

Daniel Thompson did an excellent job of translating Cennini's painting manual, "Il Libro dell' Arte" that describes 13th century painting methods. The text, from the book, has been made available online for educational purposes at

Ramesh Sleeping

The only time I could catch him being still for 5 minutes! But he moved just after that and I had to use my imagination to complete the painting. I think I used too much linseed oil as it didnt dry and my next layer has merged with the previous one.

Methods and Materials

This site has a lot of information on methods and materials for drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking etc. It seems to be still under construction but a whole lot of information is already available. Seemed to be right on the button as reference for the Methods and Material class.


WetCanvas! - An Artists home Online

This is a site that I have found very useful, informative and encouraging when I first started painting last year. I continue to visit it almost everyday. It is well worth registering and checking out the forums that are of interest to you.

Here's what they say about themselves
WetCanvas! (or as some people affectionately call it, WC!), was founded in 1998 to help artists connect, collaborate, learn, get inspired, and sell their art over the Internet. From its humble grass-roots beginnings, the site has grown into a valuable resource - a veritable gold mine of information, serving painters, photographers, glass artists, sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, and other artists. We currently deliver millions of page impressions each month, to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors!

Our online community is comprised of artists of all levels, ranging from Sunday painters to artists who exhibit in some of the finest galleries in the world. Whether your interests lie in learning n…

The Painter in Oil

The Painter in Oil is a book by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst who was a student of William Bouguereau. It is one of the most sought after books on technique and the science of painting. The book has been provided online by the Art Renewal Centre. I'm currently going through it. You might like to as well.

The Apple Blog

This looks like a site that i would like to visit regularly :) I really liked the detailed QuickSilver article. Waiting to get into the habit of using it. Today is Day 1.

Kanchipuram temple figure

Kanchipuram temple figure
Originally uploaded by chalkdog. Nice idol

Copyright Free Photographs for reference

Originally uploaded by HughPee. Jon Sullivan of PD Photo, has made a very generous offer allowing usage of his photographs for personal or commercial use... a majority of the ones available on his website are on these terms.